Acebeam announces the TK18, big brother to the popular TK16.

Acebeam recently released a copper pocket light that really sung to enthusiasts.  It's a 18350 triple, available in three different emitter options.  That was the TK16.  First available in copper only, later released in aluminum. Today Acebeam released details of an upcoming big brother to the TK16.  It's the TK18, which looks to simply be an 18650 version of the TK16. 

Astrolux Updates the MF01 with the MF01S

Astrolux has announced an update to the popular MF01.  It's the MF01S, and it looks to be available with Luminus SST-20 emitters, and also Cree XP-G3 emitters.  Eighteen of them! There will be many body colors available,  too.  Possibly (or probably) the following: There are also banks of secondary emitters, possibly available in a multi-color … Continue reading Astrolux Updates the MF01 with the MF01S

Just announced Copper Lumintop FW3A!

Lumintop has announced plans to produce a copper version of their very popular FW3A. This light follows the trend of the aluminum version before it, being an 18650 light, with an e-switch on the tail. The aluminum FW3A, initially offered at a price of around $35, hit very hard - these lights are in so … Continue reading Just announced Copper Lumintop FW3A!