Now available, Convoy L21A with Cree XHP35 HI

Convoy, maker of popular enthusiast level lights such as the S2+ has announced an update to their thrower.  The new light is the Convoy L21A.  It boasts a Cree XHP35 HI, and supports 18650 and 21700 cells.  Cree XHP35 HI is a great choice both for temperature (available in 6500K and 4000K too), and for … Continue reading Now available, Convoy L21A with Cree XHP35 HI

Recall issued for Rofis TC1!

The Rofis TC1, an inexpensive keychain light that was fairly popular recently has been recalled by the manufacturer. This light has an unusual touch button interface on the tail switch.  It was popular enough that some big name makers modified and sold their own version! Rofis recalled the light.  See the following image, from user … Continue reading Recall issued for Rofis TC1!

Acebeam announces the TK18, big brother to the popular TK16.

Acebeam recently released a copper pocket light that really sung to enthusiasts.  It's a 18350 triple, available in three different emitter options.  That was the TK16.  First available in copper only, later released in aluminum. Today Acebeam released details of an upcoming big brother to the TK16.  It's the TK18, which looks to simply be an 18650 version of the TK16. 

Prometheus Lights announces Foursevens Quark MKIII LED Flashlight

Prometheus Lights, maker of many finely machined products - the Alpha flashlight, the Delta flashlight, the Lambda top, the Alpha pen, and the venerable Beta QR flashlight, recently acquired the flashlight brand FourSevens.  Along the way there have been some upgrades and updates, and newer lights.... Today Prometheus Lights has announced a Kickstarter campaign for two new improved Quarks.

RovyVon Aurora A23 Pre-Order now open

RovyVon hit the scene hard not too very long ago, with a couple of big-claim lights.  The Aurora series had high output, and then circled back to have great emitter options.  The E300 was a unique triple with a built in battery - an unusual right angle light. RovyVon is back again, this time with another in the Aurora line.  It's the A23, and it's larger than the other Aurora series lights.