Yarkiy Luch (YLP) Introduces the Unicorn 1.0

The Russian company Yarkiy Luch aka YLP, has introduced a new light named the Unicorn 1.0.

This Unicorn uses an 18650, e-switch, and a TIR.

Behind the TIR is a Samsung LH351d.

This high CRI emitter should be a good reprieve from what’s come to be the ‘standard’ triple set-your-stuff-on-fire light so common today.  Oh and it’s 4000K, which is on the warmer side.

The Unicorn 1.0 has a side e-switch.

But the cover is clear, and has indicating function, too.

A magnetic tailcap rounds out the physical features of this light.

Have a look at that aggressive knurling in the photos above.  This light should be quite grippy.

One of the internal features is a very versatile UI, which looks to allow some level of user customization, and include discrete modes and ramping.  We look forward to hands on, to see how the UI work in real life.

The YLP Unicorn 1.0 is available for purchase now at $38.

All photo credit to YLP: http://ylplight.com/en/katalog/1/ruchnye-fonari/unicorn-10/

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