JETBeam Releases a Pistol Light – the JETBeam T2.

JETBeam is no stranger to tactical style lights, but they’ve quietly released a pistol light.  The JETBeam T2 is a single CR123A light, intended for mounting on a handgun.

The T2 features a single e-switch on the bottom of the light, which is only for locking and unlocking the light.

More important for use are the two switches on the back/sides of the light (for ambidextrous use), which have a number of output selections, including tactical momentary and strobe, among others.

The T2 includes a shallow smooth reflector and a Cree XP-L HI (a favorite emitter around here).

All in all this makes for a very compact light (at 65mm long and ~36mm wide), and one that sits very comfortably on your rails.

As mentioned, the T2 is powered by a single cell.  It looks like JETBeam is including one with the package: a 16340 with on-board charging.

To be honest in a weapon light like this, we’d recommend swapping this cell out for an ultra-reliable primary CR123A cell.

The JETBeam T2 looks to be a great compact entry into the weapon light category.

Photos from

The T2 is available for $79.99 from various retailers, including FastTech:

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