Now available, Convoy L21A with Cree XHP35 HI

Convoy, maker of popular enthusiast level lights such as the S2+ has announced an update to their thrower.  The new light is the Convoy L21A.  It boasts a Cree XHP35 HI, and supports 18650 and 21700 cells. 

Cree XHP35 HI is a great choice both for temperature (available in 6500K and 4000K too), and for throw.  As you can see below, the reflector is very smooth, fairly large in diameter, and deep too.

The L21A will have Convoy’s usual build quality, which is great.

It’s also highly modifiable, as can be seen above.  The driver is held in place with a brass retaining ring.

The driver is Convoy’s standard driver, and has a common UI for Convoy.

The outputs are as follows:

Driver: 4 modes 1%-10%-40%-100%, max current output 2300mA, Temperature protection management inside

The L21A appears to be like the L2 of old in the interface too – the light appears to have only a tail clicky.

Another possibility is that the L21A is more like the L6 in interface, and has a tailswitch and a side switch, and the side switch is just hidden in the photos.

This light is available already, and just crests $40 from aliexpress.

Photos are taken from the link above.

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