Recall issued for Rofis TC1!

The Rofis TC1, an inexpensive keychain light that was fairly popular recently has been recalled by the manufacturer.

This light has an unusual touch button interface on the tail switch.  It was popular enough that some big name makers modified and sold their own version!

Rofis recalled the light.  See the following image, from user McLight on BudgetLightForum:

Thank you for your letter, our TC1 flashlight has a big problem, mainly caused by touch switches and circuits. There is a large electrical loss inside.
So we have already removed the product in the early days.
Due to the dealer level, they had to resell the inventory, although we issued a recall.
We recommend that you make a refund return operation.

ROFIS Service Team
OA:No. 2990 Songbai Road, Shiyan, Bao’an District, Shenzhen.
Tel.: +86-755-82552272
ROFIS Technology Co., Ltd.

Sounds like parasitic drain was a massive problem, and was emptying the cells too quickly.

Great that Rofis is acknowledging a problem with these lights and doing something about it!  We’d like to see direct-from-manufacturer support too.  We’ll offer more as the story develops.

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